Lowering CCTV Downtime & Raising CCTV Performance in Idaho

The Ada County Highway District (ACHD) has been using MG Squared camera lowering devices on the I-84 and I-184 freeway network in the Boise, Idaho, USA region since 2002.  According to Jim Larsen, Congestion Mgmt. Supervisor for ACHD, “the ease of maintenance and resulting time and cost savings made shifting to the lowering system concept for their 50ft poles an easy decision.”  ACHD, in partnership with the Idaho Transportation Department, now have over 30 of these lowering systems in place on the local freeway network with plans to grow the system as funding permits.  In anticipation of more deployments statewide, the Idaho Department of Transportation awarded a multi-year contract to MG Squared for these systems.  The MG Squared Lowering Device is a time proven effective device that enhances the overall efficiency of the CCTV deployment while improving safety for both the maintainers and the traveling public.