Membership Numbers are Up!

ITS America just announced ITS Rocky Mountain won the 2015 Membership Growth award for Division 1!

Vast distances, unfamiliar motorists, limited but congested urban centers, long-distance travelers, dynamic and potentially deadly weather conditions, tourism and economic viability, maintenance needs and safety.

These are the some of the characteristics that have brought together public and private sector partners in the most unique ITS America State Chapter.   Comprised of Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana, the ITS Rocky Mountain Chapter covers approximately 528,600 square miles and is the 2nd largest chapter in geographical terms (Alaska is the first).  As such, we have the capacity to serve a broad and diverse membership.

1. Information Sharing

2. Peer Networking

3. Political Outreach/Education

4. Regional Focus

5. Academic/Educational

ITS Rocky Mountain brings together organizations interested in ITS, providing a forum for discussion and interaction, and increasing awareness of the organizations within this region of the benefits and issues related to the development and deployment of ITS.  ITS Rocky Mountain also provides a strong presence for the organizations in the Rocky Mountain region at the national level, both within ITS America and in other national forums, and promotes the interests of the region in interactions with the US DOT, other ITS Priority Corridors, and various national and international organizations.

Membership Levels

Individual (Private)
$50 Annually
Private Sector
Individual (Public)
$50 Annually
Public Sector: ie. city, county, state, federal, and public university employees
Business (Private)
$300 / $200* Annually
Private Sector Business (up to 5 representatives)
Business Affiliate
$25 Annually / person
Open to individuals in addition to the 5 business representatives listed under Business - no voting rights
$200 / $100* Annually
Public Sector Organization (up to 5 representatives) ie., State DOT's, County and City Departments within ITS Rocky Mountain can have unlimited members upon joining.
Student Chapter
$50 Annually
Individual students that are members of an ITS Rocky Mountain Student Chapter can join the ITS Rocky Mountain Chapter at no additional charge

*If you are a member of ITS America you may be eligible for a $100 discount on your State Chapter Dues. Please contact our administrative services team for more details.

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