Our Mission

Our mission is to develop partners for effective deployment of ITS across all surface transportation modes thus providing a viable and sustainable system for the Rocky Mountain region that will benefit all users.

Who We Are

Comprised of Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah and Wyoming, the ITS Rocky Mountain Chapter covers approximately 511,260 square miles and is the largest chapter in geographical terms.

As you know, this region is known for its beauty and space – with all of this space comes many challenges with transportation infrastructure and safety, as well as, funding issues.  Which is why organizations like ITS Rocky Mountain Chapter are so important in connecting these wide spaces!  We have to be creative, innovative, loud, and work together to keep our transportation systems responsive and safe!

The Board of Directors is made up of officers and senators. Officers of the ITS Rocky Mountain Chapter constitute President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer, and Immediate Past President. Each state within the Chapter is also represented by at least one (1), but no more than two (2) state associate senators that are charged with increasing the awareness of the ITS Rocky Mountain Chapter within their respective states.

What We Do

We provide a forum for broad representation and active participation between private companies, government agencies, academic institutions, other associations and members of the public. We operate exclusively as a non-profit organization focused toward improving the surface transportation system throughout the member states via research, development, and application of intelligent transportation technologies.

Intelligent Transportation Systems is a broad range of diverse technologies which, when applied to our current transportation system, can help improve safety, reduce congestion, enhance mobility, minimize environmental impacts, save energy, and promote economic productivity. ITS technologies are varied and include information processing, communications, control and electronics. The challenges lie in the diversity of the technology, which is highly interdisciplinary, ranging from physics to psychology.

Our Board of Directors

Jim Larsen
Ada County Highway District
phone: 208.387.6196
email: jlarsen@achdidaho.org

Vice President
John Hansen
2 ITS-Help
phone: 719.330.4402
email: jhansen@2itshelp.com

Brian Christensen
Horrocks Engineers, Inc.
phone: 801.763.5207
email: brianc@horrocks.com

Immediate Past President
Mark Owens
Iteris, Inc.
phone: 701.792.1819
email: mowens@iteris.com

Ex-Officio Chapter Administrator
Autumn Gilleard
Meetings Northwest, LLC
Phone: (866) 633-8110
Email: agilleard@meetingsnorthwest.com

Colorado Senators

Saeed Sobhi
Colorado Department of Transportation
phone: 303.512.5820
email: saeed.sobhi@state.co.us

Scott Thomas
Apex Design
phone: 303.339.0440
email: scott.thomas@apexdesignpc.com

Idaho Senators

Fred Kitchener
McFarland Management, LLC
phone: 208.331.0072
email: fred@mcfarlandmgmt.com

Robert Koeberlein
Idaho Transportation Department
phone: 208.334.8487
email: robert.koeberleine@itd.idaho.gov

Montana Senators


Brandi Hamilton
Montana Department of Transportation
phone: 406.444.7220
email: brhamilton@mt.gov

Utah Senators

Tyler Laing
Utah Department of Transportation
phone: 801.887.3792
email: tlaing@utah.gov

Ryan Saville
phone: 801.808.5190
email: ryan.saville@transcore.com

Wyoming Senators

Nathan Beauheim
City of Cheyenne, WY
phone: 307.638.4315
email: vince.garcia@wyo.gov

Keith Trimels
IDT Group, LLC
phone: 307.638.6037
email: keith.trimels@idt-group.com

Our State Partners